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Kaire'je Studio

FAQ: Welcome


Who runs Kaire'je Studio?

My name is Windy Karpavage, and I am a member of The National Needlework and Knitting Guild Association as well as the Fiber Arts Council of the Eastern Shore. On the days when I am not at the Studio, I can usually be found at Dorchester Center for the Arts In Cambridge, Md. where I teach Fiber Arts and also work part-time as their Bookkeeper.

What is the meaning behind the name Kaire'je Studio?

My husband’s background is Lithuanian. I am naturally a left-handed knitter even though I teach right hand as well. Kaire’je is Lithuanian and means Left. I wanted to incorporate both things because my husband supports my business.

Where else can you find Kaire'je Studio?

I have a Facebook page called Kaire’je Studio Retail Fiber Art, where you can find other information and see photos from the Studio and many different creations! Click on the small Facebook icon in the very top right corner of the page to see it.

What kinds of classes do you teach?

At the Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge, Md., I currently teach knitting and how to think outside of the box and make your project uniquely yours. A pattern is just a guide for projects, what do you want to do? 

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